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A whole book summarized onto one page. Darkness, interactions, mythologies, nature, enlightenment- every topic compressed onto one piece of paper that can envelope all of it. Now the final words … Continue reading

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There are many types of houses. Yet, in House of Leaves, every. single. one. of. them. is. blue. Yesterday, my fellow class and I had an epiphany. The word “house” is … Continue reading

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Nothing Becomes Everything

It’s crazy how so much of nothing can actually become, in some way, everything. Since Navidson’s fall is so intensely long, it gives him a sense that he is floating … Continue reading

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Media Interface Analysis

Or… as I would like to call it: “Another good reason why I should become a graphic designer.” :v KINECT textography

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“The Ring”? More Like “115 Minutes of Pissing in Your Pants”

I don’t know why all of my titles involve me pissing/shitting in my pants, but everything in this class is so scary and mysterious and crazy; I mean, it was … Continue reading

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Reality Has Converged Upon the Surreal

Or is it the other way around? Little hints have always shown how Johnny Truant has been affected by the book, the darkness it ensues, the general evil of it’s … Continue reading

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House of- Holy Shit, I Just Pissed My Pants

This book is beyond anything I have ever read. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo trippy (more trippy than any video I have ever seen). And, when Navidson is running through the hallways during … Continue reading

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